From on-boarding to collection, we manage everything.

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Improved Cash Flow

Streamlining payables processes reduces costs and improves patient collection, leading to increased profitability.

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Smooth Administration

Your time is better spent doing what makes your business grow than dealing with administrative tasks.

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Better Customer Services

We create more efficient processes that ensure faster reimbursements, resulting in better customer service

Complete Revenue Cycle Management
Managed by Experts

With our team of professionals and sophisticated workflow, we anchor the transformation of your revenue cycle into a profitable one. As we perform both front-end and back-end operational tasks, we limit the possibility of rejected claims.

We keep your practice in optimal financial condition so that you can concentrate on what really matters: the care of your patients.


Accelerating Patient Care with Actionable Insights

Through Revenue Cycle Management, not only is the workflow simplified, but the likelihood of denials is decreased as well. This will ultimately improve your collection rate and enable you to stay in a better financial position in the long run.

We analyze the situation, develop a customized plan that fulfills your customer needs and improves your profitability.

We offer 100% transparency on all data pertaining to the process from intake to payment. Every patient's status will always be clear to you, so you can make informed decisions.

RCM is a hectic and cumbersome job involving a lot of paperwork. We make sure it’s done by experienced professionals to avoid failures.

We provide an end-to-end solution for your practice ensuring that your billing, collections and accounts receivable are all handled with care.

Revenue cycle management is not just limited to billing and collection. Our detailed reporting lets you monitor everything so you can make sure everything is on track.


Our goal is to accelerate reimbursements, reduce denials, and get your revenue cycle back on track, by reducing costs and driving revenue for healthcare organizations.

Start of a Claim

Claim Management

Acc. Receivable A/R Management

For a practice to remain profitable, policies and procedures for registering patients, verifying insurance coverage, capturing charges, and processing claims we make sure everything is in place.


Atlantis RCM manages individual and group provider enrollment, credentialing appeals, verification, hospital privileges, and CAQH compliance management to avoid any kind of errors and mistakes.

Contract/Payer Negotiations

Upon successful credentialing, we do out of network billing by negotiating terms between the insurance company and healthcare provider so that we can receive the maximum reimbursement from the insurance company.

Eligibility/Benefit Verification

When a patient registers or schedules an appointment, our team of experts verifies their insurance and benefits match the services they require. It prevents insurance claim denials ensuring the patient's data is correct.

Scheduling Appointments

As part of scheduling appointments, we must identify the demographics of our patients, check whether there are any overlapping appointments, and ensure no more patient delays and waiting time that is unnecessary.

Atlantis RCM provides complete claim management services from submission, processing the claims, correcting, and resubmission.

Payment Posting

Upon successful submission and review, the payment is posted and ready for your patient to pay. Atlantis RCM can provide assistance both in generating billing statements and in the collection process.

Denial Management

We have recovered revenues that would otherwise go unrecovered by using our denial management approach. In cases where revenue has been low due to problematic claims, managing denials will boost profits.

Claim Submission

The back office process begins after the patient visit. By submitting claims, you can weed out any error that could delay the revenue process and result in denied claims. It includes charge capture and claim submission.


A medical practice without detailed reports can develop underlying problems. With the help of our real-time reports, you will be able to view financial data and performance indicators in real time.

Charge Capture & Validation

We ensure to improve overall patient experience with proven practices for healthcare data management by gathering valid medical billing information of your patients.

Account Receivables

We've helped healthcare organizations like yours boost their AR collections by 10-20% on average. If a claim is denied, we reopen it to receive the rightful reimbursement.

Payer Follow-up

To get maximum reimbursement we make sure all your pending and no response claims are sorted timely.

Patient Statement

We make sure every statement is prompt, concise and accurate so that you can collect medical fees more effectively.

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