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DME providers face complex coverage rules from government and private payers that dictate medical necessity and add administrative burden, requiring documentation from doctors and availability during audits or payer requests.

DME providers face challenges with revenue cycle efficiency due to difficulties in order management, supply chain logistics, documentation, claims processing, and collections. These include coordinating equipment orders, maintaining stock levels, keeping accurate records, navigating insurance requirements, and following up on payments. These challenges can slow down the reimbursement process and impact cash flow.

Atlantis RCM Services For DME Providers

Atlantis RCM Services for DME providers specialize in the following areas:

Claim Submission:

We ensure timely and accurate submissions by verifying insurance eligibility, coding, and billing practices.

Accounts Receivable Collection:

We use advanced follow-up methods, negotiate payment plans, and manage patient financial responsibility.

Cash Posting:

We provide prompt and accurate payment posting to maximize cash flow and minimize outstanding balances.

Rejection/Denials Management:

We provide effective denial management by identifying root causes, resolving rejections, and ensuring the resubmission of claims.

These specific services aim to streamline the DME provider's revenue cycle, increase their cash flow, and reduce the administrative burden of managing their billing and collections process.