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Atlantis RCM for Internal Medicine

Internal medicine physicians are often overwhelmed with their day-to-day tasks, which prevents them from spending time on the more important matters such as patient care.

Internists need to be able to retrieve up-to-date patient information, lab results, and imaging when confronted with diagnosing and treating on the spot when they are dealing with unclear symptoms in 30-40 patients throughout the day. As a result of this, internal medicine physicians can find themselves being further behind in their billing and collections than other specialties.

You might find yourself fighting your technology at every stage from scheduling to documentation to billing with one-size-fits-all systems. Atlantis RCM makes providing effective care easier and less time-consuming.

How Atlantis RCM Helps Internists

Electronic billing and claim submission

Our Electronic billing solution allows our clients to send bills electronically to their patients, resulting in faster payment and reduced costs. Our Electronic claims submission solution allows us to submit claims for reimbursement and claim denial management on behalf of our clients.

Patient follow-up

Atlantis RCM has been able to assist Internal medicine physicians in receiving payment for services rendered by providing patient follow-up as well as other revenue cycle management services such as debt collection and medical billing.

Getting paid promptly

We manage your accounts receivable and make sure you receive payments from your patients' insurance companies on time, every time. We also make sure that you don't get stuck with bad debt or other collections problems.

Compliance reporting.

We help you manage the various compliance requirements that affect your practice's operations—and we'll even let you know when there are new regulations that affect your practice so that you can stay compliant at all times!