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Atlantis RCM for Neurology

Did you know that the average neurologist spends 35 hours per week on billing and insurance paperwork? And that's just for their own patients! It's no wonder many neurologists are turning to Atlantis RCM for help.

Atlantis RCM makes it easy to manage your finances and focus on what matters most: patient care. Our solutions is designed specifically with neurology practices in mind, so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time with your patients.

No matter what type of practice you have or how many patients you see each day, Atlantis RCM will get the job done right!

How Atlantis RCM Helps Neurologists

Integrations that deliver results

Atlantis RCM's integrations provide quick access to patient information while improving collections. We help you integrate with your billing platform so that you don't have to manually enter payments into your system or wait for them to be sent over via email (which often takes days).

Improves documentation.

Atlantis RCM improves documentation because it is designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow. The system is flexible and adaptable, so you can change the way you work without disrupting operations. You also have access to patient information, whether you want to see the patient's history or check their insurance coverage.

Quick access to patient information

When you send us new patients for collection purposes or appointment scheduling, we will automatically add them as new accounts in our system. This means that when they come in for treatment, you'll be able to quickly access their records without having to ask them any additional questions about their insurance coverage or payment plans.

Improve Collections

We work with you to identify the reasons behind your outstanding receivables, and then we develop an action plan that addresses those reasons. We help you implement the plan, so that your practice can start collecting the money it deserves.