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Atlantis RCM For Physical Therapy

There is no denying that RCM is vital to a therapy practice, and as regulatory oversight and thinner margins along with a desire to meet billing cycles as quickly as possible are increasing, RCM is becoming a make-or-break issue for therapists.

Atlantis RCM supports patients from the very start of their appointment to the billing process afterward. Physical therapists' revenue cash flow eventually improves, resulting in better profitability.

How Atlantis Helps Physical Therapists

Reduce the Billing Burdens

We relieve therapists from the burden of filing and compiling information. By managing past due accounts, providing quick patient summaries, or any other billing complexity so you can spend more time focusing on your patient's treatment rather than on paperwork.

Lower Staffing Needs

Atlantis also reduces the need for staff, so you can focus on growing your practice while maintaining high-quality care. Our experts handle everything from scheduling appointments to filing insurance claims, all in one place, so there's no need to hire additional staff members.

Great for small and mid-size practices

And because Atlantis RCM is designed specifically with small and mid-size practices in mind, it's perfect for practices just getting started as well as those who have been around for a while but want a better way of managing their revenue cycle management.