Fix Revenue Leaks
By Ensuring Smooth Operations

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Accurate Assessment

Let us take accurate insurance information and collect unpaid balances.

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Financial Planning

Understanding your business costs and revenue cycle helps us create a plan.

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Maintaining Relationship

Having a good relationship with your patients will increase profitability.

Making Planning Easier for Medical Practitioners.

With all of the things you have to manage—patients, staff, documentation, and insurance payments, you need the right support system in place. That's why Atlantis RCM offers practice management services to make it easier for you.

We take a holistic approach to revenue cycle management. We don't just look at one area of your business, we look at every step of the process, from how you collect payments to how you communicate with patients, and everything in between.


Patient Engagement Through Revenue Cycle Management

Simpler scheduling through a patient portal and appointment reminders can increase patient engagement.

Atlantis offers appointment scheduling services that help practices manage their schedules and patient flow. We help you book and confirm appointments across locations, verify insurance eligibility in advance, and check patients in and out swiftly so you can get back to business.

Atlantis RCM experts can help you organize patient data so that you can see the entire picture at a glance by viewing the entire patient chart. This makes it easy to find information about your patients, including their insurance status, payment history, and more.

Billing and claims are the most important step in managing the practice management process. To help you manage your practice effectively, our billing team adjusts invoice errors, contacts insurance companies about unpaid bills, and reminds patients about unpaid bills.

Our team will review your current billing methods and suggest improvements based on what they see as being most effective in your practice. In this way, you can focus on other aspects of running your practice while they handle all aspects of your billing.


A telehealth solution allows patients to receive care remotely, improving convenience, reducing transportation costs, and improving patient satisfaction.

Control over financial resources

Locate unaccounted revenue

Find and fix revenue leaks

Reconciliation Reports

Control over financial resources

With the goal of determining your financial control and ensuring you have adequate resources, we analyze the impact of your current financial situation on your business and identify your practice's growth opportunities.

Locate unaccounted revenue

You can identify the revenue that's been lost to bad data and processes in your practice. We will help you locate insurance claims that have been neglected, filed late, or billed even though the patient didn't show up.

Find and fix revenue leaks

With Atlantis practice management solutions, you can plug the holes in your revenue cycle so that no more money goes missing. We ensure that claims are filed on time, patients are booked appropriately, and billed correctly.

Reconciliation Reports

We provide insight into your practice's financial performance, including how much money you are making from each patient visit. These reports will help determine which areas need improvement to make it more profitable.

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