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Atlantis RCM For Urgent Care

Atlantis RCM is a medical billing and credentialing services provider for urgent care. We will help you get paid faster, reduce your risk of fraud, and make sure your patients have the care they deserve.

At Atlantis, we’re passionate about our work. We know that when you get paid, it makes a difference in your bottom line and helps you provide better care to your patients. Our team is dedicated to providing stellar service at every stage of the process, from intake through payment posting.

How Atlantis RCM Helps Urgent Care Professionals

Claims management and submission

Atlantis RCM gives you access to a single dashboard where you can manage your claims, pull patient information from your EHR system, view and manage outstanding balances, and submit claims electronically to insurance companies.

Health record maintenance

You can use Atlantis RCM medical billing professionals to upload or import your patients' records into their electronic health record (EHR) system or store them in the cloud for safekeeping.

Patient information management systems (PIMS)

Atlantis RCM allows you to create PIMS templates so you can easily record patient information such as demographics and allergies. You can also use the system to track visits, medications are given out at each visit, test results, and other important medical information about each patient over time.

Credentialing services

Atlantis RCM offers credentialing services for physicians who want to practice in urgent care settings and require necessary authorization.