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Let Us Extend Your In-House Capabilities

As patient finances become more critical, more healthcare organisations are outsourcing revenue cycle management operations, however keeping a closer watch is still difficult due to limited resource deployment by the outsourcing agency.

At Atlantis RCM, Medical billing and credentialing experts are at the forefront. Our focus is not limited to revenue reimbursement, rather we make sure that outsourcing benefits the practice and organisation as a whole.

Our goal is to ensure your in-house staff is able to take advantage of our extended workforce.


Atlantis RCM - Designed to Streamline Operations

A credentialing process is a laborious and highly repetitive activity that requires constant attention. Atlantis RCM can help you keep your credentialing documents up to date, recredential and customize your contract on your terms.

Recredentialing is typically required every three years, so we will notify and manage the process when the time comes to renew a provider's credentials. Our team will review and verify your professional credentials in conjunction with relevant criteria and keep them on file.

At Atlantis, we believe that you deserve a seamless credentialing experience. We guide your practice administrators and providers in gathering the required demographics and background information. Our process is streamlined, so we can help you meet your timelines and provide a seamless experience for all involved.

We know that it can be a pain in the neck to get credentialed with all of your payers, and we want to make it easier for you. However, a minor mistake could possibly delay the credentialing process. We submit the CAQH application for providers who must use this service to credential with individual payers.


We have a team of experts who have years of experience navigating Medicare and Medicaid enrollment, commercial insurance enrollment, and other credentialing processes for healthcare providers.





We ensure that healthcare providers have their credentials in a timely manner so that they do not have revenue leakage problems.


No matter whether it is a payer or a provider, our experts handle all kinds of authorizations and verifications efficiently.


Communicating effectively between payers and providers to prevent unpaid and delayed payments that would disrupt administrative processes

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Our mission is to eliminate repetitive administrative tasks in healthcare organizations and individual practices so that they can exceed revenue and growth.

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