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In the business of healthcare, every day counts and it’s difficult to maintain and sustain an efficient and positive revenue cycle management. With speed, reliability, and innovation at the core of our company values, we ensure your patients receive their healthcare in a smooth and quick manner. This allows your practice to attract and retain more satisfied patients who remain loyal to you.

Through our highly experienced, personal, and forward-thinking approach, we provide our clients with the best possible solutions for improving productivity and efficiency to maximize profits. The only viable way is to streamline operations so medical professionals can analyze the situation and adjust accordingly in order to improve patient experience, reduce operational expenses and increase collections.

Round The Clock Service Support:

When you are on the road to success, you need to have the right gear. With us, you're guaranteed to have the most qualified workforce with the relevent skills.We have gathered an expert team to enable you to save time and money while driving growth.

Insurance Verification

Medical Billing

Claims & Denial Management

Reporting and Analytics

Insurance Verification

Inadequate and unclear insurance coverage information leads to denials which directly impacts the revenue flow for the healthcare professionals. Atlantis RCM has a team of professional industry experts to ensure eligibility and verification. Further, as part of our commitment to keep track of any changes in your patient's insurance coverage, we verify insurance eligibility and benefits monthly and yearly to make sure the insurance plan covers the service you provide.

Medical Billing

Complex billing solutions often overwhelm in house staff and affect the revenue cycle process. Our billing team manages the billing process so doctors can focus on patients, instead of administrative tasks like claims submission. We facilitate all aspects of the registration process, from establishing financial responsibility to checking in and out patients, billing compliance, preparing and sending claims, to generating patient statements.

Claims & Denial Management

Unpaid and delayed claims directly affect healthcare practices, whereas denials make the revenue process even slower and sometimes place an adverse effect on the overall practice. With our efficient denial management service, we reduce the claim errors and make the claim submission more easy. There is a timely disbursement of funds to ensure that there are no future denials, so that practices get paid more quickly and enjoy a good cash flow throughout the year.

Reporting and Analytics

From patient scheduling, claim submission to denial management, our end-to-end RCM solutions address healthcare's core challenges and keep our clients informed. In addition to reporting and keeping our clients informed, Atlantis RCM provides a wide range of services, which reduces administrative pressures and medical billing errors. We track and follow up on unpaid or denied claims, and generate medical billing reports on those claims to help you determine your practice's health.

Our Comprehensive Suite of Services

Our RCM solutions relieve your staff of tasks that keep them on the phone or in front of the computer, which allows them to spend more time with patients. Atlantis' suite of Revenue Cycle Management solutions can remove barriers to growth and profitability.

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Revenue Cycle Management

From initial diagnosis to eventual payment & everything in between.

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Medical Billing

Reduce denials and fix revenue leaks, a hassle free billing process.

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Up-to-date credentials every time to let you focus more on patient care.

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Practice Management

Improve service quality and optimize administrative workflows.

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Activity, & records in place for a better patient experience.

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E-Health Records

Enhanced efficiency by clean and well managed health records.

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Healthcare Analytics

Manage schedules and track patient satisfaction and outcomes.

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Workforce Extension

Connect your business with people that help you grow it.

Corresponding Benefits

Revenue cycle management allows you to cut costs and increase revenue by streamlining your billing processes. It helps you to better manage patient records and automate your billing process, which can save time, money, and resources.

Reduces Operational Expenses

Ensures Transparency

Enhances Customer Experience

Improves Revenue

Reduces Operational Expenses

Atlantis is the most sophisticated revenue cycle management solution in the industry. Our platform helps healthcare organizations reduce operational expenses, enhances patient experience, and increases revenue by automating workflows.

Ensures Transparency

Atlantis provides a full suite of revenue cycle management services for healthcare providers, from billing and collection to data analytics and patient financial counseling. We help you ensure transparency across your entire organization, so you can focus on what matters most: delivering the highest quality care to your patients.

Enhances Customer Experience

Atlantis is the most sophisticated revenue cycle management solution in the industry. Our platform helps healthcare organizations reduce operational expenses, improve patient experience, and increase revenue by automating workflows.

Improves Revenue

Atlantis' revenue cycle management provides a flexible and powerful solution for healthcare providers to improve their revenue. Our services are designed for increased collections on a per-claim basis, as well as maximize total receivables by reducing bad debt.

Discover a Better Way Forward

Our mission is to eliminate repetitive administrative tasks in healthcare organizations and individual practices so that they can exceed revenue and growth.

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